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Greetings Middle and High Educators! As a former middle and high school teacher, Chad is extremely excited to offer several programs designed for this unique age group! Below you will find a brief description and link to each of the programs that Chad offers to middle and high schools. While each program is completely different, you will find that each one is designed to encourage students to read the classics of literature in rather mysterious and entertaining ways. In all of the programs, students will learn about the works and lives of the authors featured as well as several strange connections between them. You will also have a run on the different stories/books/authors highlighted in each program so having extra copies available for check out is encouraged! Schools can also choose to sell Chad's book "Magic of Mystery and Horror" in order to save money on the program! Several months fill almost completely up due to high demand (especially October and November) so make sure to book early and check the online calendar by clicking on the button on the left or top of the page.

"Chad, by Wednesday morning [show on Tuesday], I had checked out all 8 of my Poe story collections and 3 of his poetry books. I put at least 5 of those books on reserve for other students. In addition to those, 3 Dracula books and 2 Frankenstein books went out. Increased interest in reading - definitely! - and by some guys that don't usually read that much. The magic element woven into the interesting information you shared about the authors and their works was both informative and entertaining. I got many positive remarks from teachers, as well as students! It was a great experience to have you here at our school!" Gayle Forbes, Media Specialist, Riverside Middle

 ***More comments are on each programs individual page and you can click on the picture below to see an article about Chad's programs written by a student for the Ridge View High newspaper***

 Please click on the pictures/titles below to see a full description of each of the programs that Chad offers:

Program #1
 This is Chad's original and most requested program - dealing with Edgar Allan Poe, Bram Stoker, Mary Shelley, Arthur Conan Doyle, and Harry Houdini.

 The sequel to the original "Authors of Mystery and Horror" program, this show highlights the lives and works of W.W. Jacobs, Robert Louis Stevenson, and H. G. Wells. This program is used by schools where the entire student body have seen the original program the year before. Several schools have also used this program as a PTA/Family Night event after students saw the original program during the day. This almost guarantees a packed house and very strong book sales if your school chooses to participate in that. More details on are the main 2.0 page.

Program #3
 Chad's brand new show for high schools (or middle schools by special request) is designed to highlight several of Shakespeare's tragedies - including Romeo and Juliet, 
Macbeth, and Hamlet. This is a great way to kick off or end a study of Shakespeare by your students!

 Chad's program, "Nevermore: The Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe" focuses more on storytelling than any other program available. Students will witness the dramatic telling of some of Poe's most famous works, including "The Tell-Tale Heart", "The Raven", "Annabel Lee", and "A Dream Within A Dream" - all from memory.  Between the stories and poems, students and teachers will witness strange and mysterious magic routines that go along with each piece.  (Oh, and the above photo is of a mural painted for Chad by the art students at Hull Middle School several years ago, and it now resides at Chad's house where it is proudly on display!)

 Due to many, many requests from several middle school media specialists, Chad has put together "Once Upon a Time: Grimm's Fairy Tales." Students will learn the "true" versions of many popular fairy tales, including Cinderella, Rumpelstiltskin, Snow White, and The Frog Prince, just to name a few! The audience will then witness some amazing feats of mystery that tie in to each story that is being highlighted as they learn that the "true" stories are oftentimes quite different than their modern day adaptations.

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