Elementary Programs

Look below to see the different programs that are available for your elementary school!  All the shows are entertaining and educational, and combine magic, music, puppetry, live animals, and lots of humor and audience participation to reinforce the importance of reading and using the media center!  Chad also brings his own sound system, controls his own music, and brings all the necessary props needed - you just supply the place to perform!  The shows can be for assemblies during the day or for PTO or other activities as well!  As a matter of fact, if you have one of Chad's programs during the day, you can then choose a different program for that evening for a PTO/Family Night event and guarantee a HUGE turnout!  You can check Chad's schedule by clicking on the calendar button on the left side of the page to see available dates.  See below for pricing and booking information!

 "The students really have responded to the books that you showed yesterday. They are going crazy over our magic books. I am out, out, out of magic books. It was a great way to promote nonfiction animal books also. You made the children feel that you really liked them and were having a good time performing for them. The kids loved the "magic" part of the program. The escape episode was a lot of fun, and snakes are always a hit with kids. Students and teachers alike have told us how much they enjoyed the program. It provided a wonderful reading incentive program for the beginning of the year. I think the kids wish you would come back tomorrow!" Ann Morris, Media Specialist, Caughman Road Elem.

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Elementary Show #1

New for the 2019-2020 School Year!

"Reading ROCKS!!!"

 Chad's all new "Reading ROCKS!!!" program will encourage his audiences to read and use their local library!  The show will include music, storytelling, magic, and at least one live critter, along with lots of audience participation and humor!  As always, the routines will be themed around the "Libraries Rock!" summer theme, and audiences will learn that "Rockin' Readers" can learn to do all kinds of things, meet all kinds of people, and go on all kinds of adventures! 

Elementary Show #2

New for the 2017-2018 School Year!

"Build a Better World: READ!"

Elementary Show #3

"Ready, Set, READ!" 

 Chad's "Ready, Set, READ!" program is booked in over 80 libraries during the summer of 2016 and is being offered to schools for the upcoming school year.  The show will feature magic and musical routines themed around the "On Your Mark, Get Set, READ!" Summer Reading theme.  As always, there is a critter or two in the show, and students will learn the three characteristics of strong readers! 

Elementary Show #4

"The Super Reading Extravaganza!"

Performed in almost 100 libraries during the 2015 Summer Reading Program!

This is Chad's all new program themed around the "Every Hero Has a Story" theme for the 2015 Vacation Reading Program.  The show has numerous super hero themed routines which are all designed to encourage students to READ and use their local libraries!  The show also features a super critter or two as well as music and lots of audience participation! 


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