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Pricing and Booking Options

Below you will find information about booking a show and my pricing structure! If you have any questions about it, feel free to call or email!

My pricing is by full-day and half-day programs: A half-day program (2 shows) is $695 plus a $95 travel fee to schools over one hour from Vidalia, GA. A full-day program (3-4 shows) is $1095. Two schools can also split a full-day program so that each school gets 2 shows and pays only $595 per school, and the travel fee is divided between schools. 

If your school wishes to partner with another school to split a full-day, I can perform at an elementary school for half the day and a middle/high school the other half, so this can make it even easier to find a school willing to book with you. Of course, I prefer to perform at middle/high schools on the same day and elementary schools on the same day so as not to have to completely change shows - but I will work with you and your schedule!

Besides my daytime shows, I can also perform for After-school programs and Family Night programs that are different than my daytime shows. This can really bring in the parents and students for a PTA event or other function! These shows are only $395 IF they are booked on the same day as your school performance. Otherwise these shows cost the $695 plus $95 travel fee.

I prefer to be paid the day of the performance but if that is not your school's policy the check can be mailed after the performance takes place.

Finally, once you select a date and check my online calendar for availability I encourage you to send an email to the other schools in your system letting them know the date you booked and seeing if they too would like to take advantage of the discounted prices for booking at the same time.

Thanks and let me know if you have any other questions!

Chad Crews

I look forward to hearing from you and being a part of your school assembly program!

Below you will find a few commonly asked questions about the programs:

1.  What do you need from the school on the day of the performance?  
I bring all of my own equipment, including a microphone, sound system, tables, and backdrops.  The only thing that I will need from you is access to an electrical outlet and possibly an extension cord if I am in the middle of the gym floor (to reach the outlet).  Other than that, we are good to go!

2.  How long are your shows and how can we decide on the schedule for the day?
My shows are all 45 minutes long and most can be reset in 10 minutes and ready to go again.  So, schools on a very tight schedule can schedule a show at 9am and 10am for example.  If your school is splitting a full day with another school, I simply ask that the  morning shows start as early as possible and are as close together as possible also - this makes it easier to get to the second school for the afternoon programs.  If you have me for a full day then whatever times work for you work for me.  

3.   When will you arrive on the day of the show?  
I try to arrive at least 45 minutes early to set up for the show.  It does not actually take me 45 minutes to set up, but I like to get set up and then relax before showtime.  When traveling through Atlanta there is always the possibility of delays, but over the past 10 years I have rarely had to delay a show due to travel, and if something does cause a traffic delay or an emergency, I will contact you ASAP! My contact number on the website is also my cell, so I can be reached quite easily (except when I am performing a full day of programs of course!).  

Email:  chad @
Phone:  706-288-4672
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