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"We saw results the very next day when children came into the media center looking for books about magic and card tricks. Some of the students asked for more details about getting a library card from the public library. The audience really got a kick out of watching their fellow students and their teachers participate. I watched the crowd throughout both shows and saw almost everyone - students and adults smiling, laughing, and paying close attention. This is rare for even the best presenters. Thanks again Chad!" Jane Roupe, Media Specialist, Grovetown Elementary

"Thank you, I thought the show was a great success. I believe the adults enjoyed it as much as the children. You were very professional and well prepared which is a great help to the school on a busy night. I like the way you were so versatile with your talents and used the audience to add to their enjoyment. Any positive entertainment such as yours tied with reading emphasis is memorable and effects how students feel about reading. You have a good message delivered in a delightful way!!" - Tonya Watson, Principal, Batesburg-Leesville Primary

"The show encouraged reading in a positive way. Mr. Crews presented the concept that books are the doorway to learning, adventure, and fun. The children had the opportunity to see that books have information which can help them to learn anything-like how to do magic tricks! My favorite parts of the show was having teachers and children participate (evil wizard and knight) as storybook characters. I also enjoyed the puppets. I would recommend the show to educators because it made a positive impact on our children. The laughed and had fun as they were learning about books." Charlotte Tison, Principal, Woodbine Elementary

"Chad, the overall response to the magic show was great! The kids are still talking about it when they come see me in the media center. They especially liked my "trick." I would definitely recommend your show to other schools and libraries. Thanks again for a wonderful time!" - Ardith Sweatt, Media Specialist, Mary Lee Clark Elementary

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for coming to our school and sharing your talents with us. I know my class really enjoyed what you did and they loved being involved. Since I was the mean, stinky wizard, I have had kids through out the school yell at me as I walk down the hall and they BOOOOO too. You made quite an impression and we thank you for that! - Kristin Controy, Teacher, Adairsville Elementary

"Chad, I would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of Stevens Creek Elementary PTO Board, to thank you for the wonderful magic show last Thursday night. I believe everyone really enjoyed it. I would also like you to know I really appreciate all of the time you spent in the lunchroom that day. I think it really brought a lot of people out that ordinarily may not have come. And last, but certainly not least, thank you for splitting the profit on the sales of the magic books and cards. What a great idea! Thanks again!" - Donna Owen, PTO Board Member, Stevens Creek Elementary

"The audience's reaction to the show was nothing but wonderful! The show encouraged reading in a positive, unique, and exciting way. The student's attention was kept from the beginning until the end of the show. My favorite part was the inclusion of both teachers and students into the show - I enjoyed watching the amazement on the faces of both! I highly recommend the show to other educators. I have no other words to say except that the show was simply brilliant! Now I have to find a way to keep books about magic on our media center shelves. All the children want to learn how to perform magic and read about it. Great job, Chad!" Denetria M. Neely, Media Specialist, John Milledge Elementary

"Chad, the audience was great. You held their attention throughout the show. The show integrated reading and an interesting subject - magic. I would definitely recommend the show to other educators-you made the show interactive for both the students and the teachers!" Nakia Johnson, Teacher, Glenn Hills Elementary

"Chad did an excellent job. Not only did he promote reading, but also using the library. He interacted with the audience to include teachers. It was a great show. I'd recommend Chad to go to other school districts. There is a lot of magic in reading!" Dona K. Reynolds, 1st Grade ESOL, Glenn Hills Elementary

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