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 Show #1
"A Haunted Christmas"
"There'll be scary ghost stories and tales of the glories of Christmases long, long's the most wonderful time of the year!" - Andy Williams "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year"
 Just in time for the holidays - Chad's all new "A Haunted Christmas" program will highlight the most famous ghost story of all time - "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens.  In addition to Dickens, students will also hear many traditional ghost stories by the father of the modern ghost story, M.R. James - who debuted many of his stories on Christmas Eve as he read them aloud to students and colleagues at King's College in Cambridge.  Finally, students will hear the Alpine Folktale/Legend of the Krampus - St. Nick's evil helper!  Along the way, strange and haunting feats of magic and mystery shall be demonstrated as well!  

And last but definitely not least, the featured music in the show will be Midnight Syndicate's brand new album (used with permission of course!), "Christmas: A Ghostly Gathering" - which schools can choose to make available for purchase along with Chad's "Magic of Mystery and Horror" book!

***And the first comments are in for "A Haunted Christmas!"  See below:***

 "The show completely encouraged reading in a positive and entertaining way!  One of our teachers told me that the students hurried to their lockers after the show to grab their "A Christmas Carol" books to look up the quotes that you talked about in the show!  We also had at least 20 kids stop by the media center today to see if we had the "Casting Runes & Other Ghost Stories" book ready to check out.  One of the teachers commented that they had many reluctant readers trying to find a way to get a copy of the Casting Runes books for the weekend.  I would totally recommend this show to others.  It gets kids excited about reading.  I asked the teachers what they thought about the show and they said that almost every student had their devices out trying to find copies of the stories you talked about.  Talk about promoting literacy!!!"  Kristen Deuschle, Media Specialist, Piney Grove Middle

"Thanks so much for coming to Ashworth Middle School and performing for our 7th graders.  They LOVED it!  Immediately after the show, the students were asking for the authors' names/works' titles so they could read more.  I ended up displaying them with a a link so they could access them.  I know several from each class have already read some!   I particularly liked the portion from "A Christmas Carol", since that's one of the texts we read in 7th grade each December.  My students are more excited than ever before to begin reading "A Christmas Carol" next week!  I would recommend the show without hesitation!  It was very entertaining while also being educational - a perfect mix!"  Hailey Burns, Teacher, Ashworth Middle

"Yes, I would recommend the show - students were on the edge of their seats and then you just stopped (summarizing the stories).  Many of them asked me what was the ending and some of them said that they wanted to read those books now!  Thank you for making learning fun!"  Aubrey Tidwell, Teacher, White County Middle

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Show #2
"Nevermore: Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe 2.0" 

 Chad's all new "Nevermore 2.0" program features unique renditions of Poe's "The Bells," "Alone" as well as "The Cask of Amontillado" - complete with lots of audience participation.  Along with the aforementioned featured works, Chad will also highlight several of Poe's lesser known tales of mystery and horror (including, but not limited to "The Premature Burial," "Berenice," "The Oblong Box," "The Oval Portrait," "Hop-Frog,"Ligeia," "The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar," and "The Purloined Letter"  - so have plenty of Poe books on hand for checkout afterwards!  
Being buried alive has never been this fun!
 "Through Chad's magic tricks, he creates an excitement in the students so that they want to listen to his rendition of the stories and then read the stories because he leaves them guessing what happens at the end.  My favorite part of the show is when he uses a faculty member to play the part of Fortunato in "The Cask of Amontillado."  I would definitely recommend any of Chad's shows to educators.  All of his shows entice the students and makes them realize how exciting literature really is.  We have definitely seen an increase of students who are interested in reading Poe's short stories!"  Crystal Smith, Media Specialist, Blythewood High

Below are a comment or two from the debut program at Franklin High School this past October:
"I would definitely recommend the show.  Great job of pulling in teachers for the Poe story.  We will be studying Poe in both of my 11th grade classes so the timing was great for us.  I am sure that interest will be increased with your show as background for us.  Great job!  I will certainly recommend you return to our school next year.  I appreciate your art and hope you continue to inspire readers for many years!" Dr. Angelia Josey, Teacher, Franklin Co. High

"Many of my students asked to go to the library after to check out Edgar Allan Poe reading material.  The show is entertaining and makes the students ask questions.  I believe that it is a good way to show different types of literature in an entertaining light.  Students were actively engaged and were able to participate in the show.  Thanks!"  Megan Jackson, Teacher, Franklin Co. High

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"I have already had a handful of students come in wanting to know if I had the detective story "The Rue Morgue" or "The Cask of Amontillado."   I enjoyed the show and, being the media specialist, I see the students' interest peaked."  Dr. Kellie Justice, Media Specialist, Franklin Co. High

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